24″ x 26″ Nylon Bag for Brew in a Bag BIAB All Grain + Free BIAB Brew Day Spreadsheet

Brew in a Bag Straining Bag, 24" x 26

Nylon Straining Bag for BIAB/Brew in a Bag Style Mashing

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

  • Brew in a bag straining bag
  • Nylon straining bag

Note from HBF: As of this posting, there is conflicting information on the product page for this bag.  In one spot is says 24″ x 26″ and in another it says 26″ x 26″.  Very similar dimensions and shouldn’t make a whole lot of difference, but it’s something I noticed.

Brew In A Bag Straining Bag 24 x 26

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