Back in Stock… Hop Bong for Kegland FermZilla + Hands on Review!

kegland fermzilla hop bong

Named purely on its looks and not its function. The Hop Bong is a versatile pressurizable tri-clamp accessory, capable of not only dry hopping oxygen purged hops into fermenters, but also as an inline carbonation/oxygenation accessory.

This is a completely new pressure pack for the basic FermZilla Tri-Conical and All Rounder Fermenters with the new 2″ Tri-Clover Adapted Pressure Lid.

Hop Pellet Capacity: 150–180g (5.2–6.3 oz)

Kit Includes:

  • FermZilla 2″ T.C. Pressure Lid Starter Kit
  • 2″ Hop Bong
  • 2″ FermZilla Tri-Conical Butterfly Valve
  • Floating Dip Tube with Filter Attachment
  • Red PRV & PCO1881 Cap Combo
  • Yellow Ball Lock Cap
  • (2) Red Ball Lock Caps
  • (2) 2″ Tri-Clamps
  • (2) 2″ Silicone T.C. Gaskets
  • KegLand Part Number: KB10897

Hop Bong Pressure Pack for FermZilla – 2 in. FE205

This is also available in an upgrade kit version for users that already own the FermZilla pressure pack…

Hop Bong Upgrade Kit for FermZilla – 2 in. FE206

Learn More! Hands on Review: Kegland Hop Bong

Availability on these has been volatile since they were introduced.

Back In Stock… As of this posting, both versions of this are back in stock. Check product pages for current availability.

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