Announcing: HAZY IPA Collab with Pax Verum Brewing Co

From Great Fermentations: A mix of wheat, malted oats and chit malt lay over the base malt to give that thick haze. The hop flavors and aromas are brought to life by Crystal, Chinook Comet and Michigan Copper hops; not a combo you would expect, but when grown in the state of Indiana, these hops are super J-U-I-C-Y!

Thirteen and Thirty-Two Hazy IPA!

Malt from Sugar Creek is always awesome. For this particular beer, we focused on a combination of Chit, malted oats, and wheat to bump up the haze factor by 11x.

Crystal, comet, chinook, and copper are not your typical hazy IPA hops. But, when these hops are grown in Indiana, they transform and offer a totally different experience than their west coast brethren.

PAX VERUM // Lapel, IN.
The team at Pax Verum has been brewing great beer since 2018, and their five-year anniversary is coming up at the end of April! This was a special collab for us, as we got to work with the head brewer at Pax, and former Great Fermentations employee, Colt Carpenter. He was great to work with and really helped to nail down the perfect combo of malt and hops for the ultimate juicy haze.

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