Announcing: BrewTools MiniUni Unitanks!

Brewtools is the leader in high-end, no-compromise, homebrewing equipment. They truly are top of the line. Assembled and tested at their production facility in Grimsted, Norway, Brewtools products are equally beautiful as they are clever. It is a reflection of their vision to design and build brewing equipment that brings enthusiasm and love for the beer brewing process. MoreBeer! has long admired the quality, innovation, and high-level customer service that Brewtools offers and we are very excited to partner with them as their USA distributor.

Their control systems will always be the heart of their products. They have a truly devoted team of hardware and software engineers designing products and building systems to the highest standard. They are dedicated to making the on-board software just what users want, before they even know they want it. On the horizon is a cloud service that will tie it all together. Their belief that you should integrate their systems with the calculation and recipe software you already use.

BrewTools at MoreBeer!


The MiniUni™ is a series of high-quality, affordable and flexible tanks for fermentation, storage and serving beer and endless other applications like water heating, cleaning liquid storage, HERMS setups, etc. They can be kept in the included base, or installed on the wall with the included wall bracket. With the optional pressure kit, you can utilize the 2 bar (30 PSI) pressure rating for fermentation and carbonation.

Use them to build your setup, they will last a lifetime! And as always, Brewtools appreciates any feedback or requests for accessories.

MiniUni Unitanks!

Fermenting Under Pressure!

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