Kegland Benchy Carbon – $799, Save $100 via Year End Clearance

Benchy Carbon

Benchy Carbon

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Do you want to dispense cold beer off the grid or while camping? The Benchy Carbon from KegLand is the first beer chiller to use a revolutionary Carbon Heat Sink which means no glycol liquid coolant is required. Other similar chillers have glycol coolant that needs to be emptied before transportation to prevent spillage. The carbon heat sink makes the unit even more useful for portable keg dispensing as you have no liquids to accidently spill out when moving, and there is no need to keep filling the unit with expensive glycol coolant.

The integral Carbon Heat Sink also means the unit is quick to cool down, and it can go from room temperature to cold in under 20 minutes, much faster than a liquid filled glycol chiller. Once you are serving beer, figure on being able to serve about 1.5 gallons of cold beer per hour, pausing 2 minutes between each pint served to let the unit chill down again. Keep in mind the keg is at ambient temperature, and you are only cooling the beer you are about to serve, which saves energy versus keeping the entire keg cold.

The Benchy is dual power capable, which means you can run it off 110 volts or 12 to 24 volts DC with an optional Anderson Plug cable with alligator clips. It draws 60 watts when cooling, 1.6 watts when idling, which works out to about 15 watts per hour at an ambient temperature of 70° F. This means it can be run off a car battery or any other 12 to 24 volt DC power source with over 60 watts capacity. It can also run off a power inverter – make sure you get one rated at 500 watts or higher to power the Benchy’s cooling fan. Current draw at 12 volts DC is 8 amps, and at 24 volts DC it is 4 amps.

It features dual Nukatap Flow Control taps, and has dual 8mm EvaBarrier compatible inlets for connecting your beer line(s). It weighs 49 pounds, and includes carry handles on the top for easier tranport. 9¼” by 14″ footprint, and 19″ tall.

The centigrade only control on the back panel allows for a centigrade temperature range of -2 to 30, which works out to 28° to 86° F. Note the unit does not heat, and only cools, so you cannot set it to dispense at a temperature warmer than ambient temperature. We also recommend you do not set the temperature below 1° C, to avoid freezing beer in the machine.

The unit does make noise, about as much as a quiet inverter gas generator (69 db right in back of the unit) when the fan is on. When the fan is off, it is silent. It weighs 49 pounds, about the same as a 2000 watt inverter generator, so if are familar with inverter generators, this is about the same as far as handling and noise. Unlike a generator, however, the fan that produces the noise is not always on. All in all, a little noisy for indoor use, and ideally suited for the great outdoors.

To set the centigrade only integral temperature controller on the back:

1. Press SET and the wording SET will display

2. Press SET again and the target temperature will display

3. Now press the UP or DOWN keys to adjust to the desired centigade temperature

4. Press the SNOWFLAKE and the machine will record your setpoint and start cooling


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Benchy Carbon

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