Keg King Flow Control Shank… $9.99

flow control shank

William’s Brewing has launched a short end of year clearance sale.  Loads of items are discounted by up to 70%. Quantities are limited. Shop now to get best selection.

Year End Clearance at William’s Brewing!

The pictured Keg King Flow Control Shank is included in the mix and on sale for just $9.99

From William’s Brewing: “This adapter from Keg King turns any faucet into a flow control faucet. Install this between your shank and your existing faucet to turn your tap int a flow control tap. It comes with an Allen Key to lock it into position once you have the correct flow adjusted.  Fits any standard beer shank and any standard beer faucet.”

This shank allows you correct and adjust flow at the shank instead of by tubing diameter and length.  That makes it easy to correct flow and serve different carbonation levels without having to swap out tubing and such.


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