Announcing: DuoTight Compatible Solenoid Valves + In Depth Review of DuoTight+EVABarrier

Solenoid Vavlve | Duotight Compatible | 12V | 0-115 psi | 6.35 mm D1087

About DuoTight: Kegland’s DuoTight Fittings are designed to work with EVABarrier Double Wall Tubing.  They offer quick, reliable connections, easy implementation, a variety of fitting options and feature amazing versatility.  They’re also, generally speaking, very well priced.  DuoTights are push to connect fittings and require no tubing clamps. Check out my extensive Hands on Review

Announcing: DuoTight Compatible Solenoid Valves!

This super handy Solenoid Valve is compatible with small 1/4″ or 6.35 mm OD tubing. This size tubing is often used on water filtering systems or reverse osmosis systems, and can be used with an Inline Regulator to drop your mains water pressure if needed. To integrate the Inline Regulator, you will also need a Duotight adapter to step up the tubing size for use with EVABarrier 8 mm OD lines.

Unlike some other solenoid valves this is a direct acting solenoid valve meaning the solenoid valve can go down to 0 pressure. This makes it quite handy for controlling CO2 flow or other low-pressure gasses. Suitable for pressures up to 115 psi (8 bar) so it will handle water pressure with no problem at all.

Made from high-quality metal and POM engineering plastics so it is durable and suitable for contact with a wide range of chemicals and beverages.


  • Inlet/Outlet: 6.35 mm (1/4″)
  • Pressure Rating: 0-115 psi (0-8 Bar)
  • Mode: Normally Closed (NC)
  • Solenoid Coil Voltage: 12V
  • Solenoid Coil Amp Draw: 1.1A

Solenoid Vavlve | Duotight Compatible | 12V | 0-115 psi | 6.35 mm D1087

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