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Cornelius Keg Fermenter Lid via Adventures in Homebrewing.

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By popular demand, we now have a brand new version of the Secondary Fermentation lid.

What a great way to use your corny keg as a secondary fermenter! Simply replace your existing lid with this lid to turn your keg into a secondary fermentation vessel!

These lids have an approximate 3/4″” inch port hole (may vary by 1/8″”) for an airlock, bung and lid o-ring (included).

They will not fit Racetrack kegs.


These have a hole that’s designed to accommodate the included stopper and airlock.  That allows you use a Cornelius Keg as a fermenter.  Use a 5 gallon keg as a secondary for a 5 gallon batch, use a 5 gallon keg as a primary fermenter for smaller batches or use a 10 gallon Cornelius Keg as a fermenter for 5 gallon+ batches.

These should fit standard ball lock and pin lock kegs.

I have two 10 gallon kegs that I use as primaries.  This allows you to do quite a few things including, easily transfer under pressure, ferment under pressure, carbonate in the primary fermenter and carbonate and serve from the primary (with a cut off dip tube).

These are included in the mix. Use coupon code SUPER20 and they’ll drop to $13.86.

Cornelius Keg Fermenter Lid

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