7 Kegerator Upgrades To Consider + Get a Free DuoTight Keg Faucet

DuoTight Keg Faucet – This ball lock keg faucet fits the OUT fitting on any ball lock keg, and lets you dispense directly from the keg. Lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

Kegland’s DuoTight Fittings are designed to work with EVABarrier Double Wall Tubing.  They offer quick, reliable connections, easy implementation, a variety of fitting options and feature amazing versatility.  They’re also, generally speaking, very well priced.  DuoTights are push to connect fittings and require no tubing clamps.

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This features DuoTight gear but it’s standalone, so you don’t really need any other Duotights to use this

DuoTight Keg Faucet

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Add Flow Control:

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DuoTight Users – Add DT QD’s:

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Upgrade to Nukataps:

Add Per-Line Pressure Control:

Upgrade Inline Regulators and Spunding Valves to Digital:

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Upgrade Ball Lock and Pin Lock Keg Lids:

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