Anti-Gravity Transfer Pump… $50.99, price drop + coupon & free ship eligible

Anti-Gravity Transfer Pump by BrewVint

Anti-Gravity Transfer Pump by BrewVint via Adventures in Homebrewing

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The Brewvint Anti-Gravity Transfer Pump is great for transferring beer, wine, water or any other fermented beverage you may be working on.
No more heavy lifting when transferring from you keg, carboy, fermenter, bucket or cooler!
It’s as simple as hooking up the Brewvint self-priming pump and flipping on the switch.
Transfer from one vessel to another with endless possibilities. This does not include tubing or a racking cane, please see our add on section and make sure you pick the right hose for your needs. We recommend using 5/16″ I.D. x 7/16″ O.D. hoses.

Self Priming with a Food Grade Pump Head
12V DC Adapter with 8 ft Power Cord
Flowrate of 1.05 GPM
Suction Ability 5 Feet
Integrated locking tubing collars
Liquid Temperature Rating up to 150 Degrees


Anti-Gravity Transfer Pump by BrewVint – $50.99 when you use coupon code VETS15 sale

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