Best Price Yet on Helio Gazer + It’s in Stock & Free Shipping Works on Sacks of Grain

Omega Yeast OYL-405 Helio Gazer™ Yeast

As of this posting, Delta Brewing has most varieties of Omega Yeast for just $9.99. Shipping is free with qualifying orders of $65 or more.

Complete Omega Yeast Lineup

Just announced Helio Gazer has been tough to find in stock. Delta has it in stock (as of this posting) and it’s on sale just let the rest of the lineup, making it just $9.99. That’s the best price we’ve seen.

Free Shipping... Delta Brewing is offering free shipping on orders of $65 or more to addresses in the contiguous US. What’s unique about their offer is that it does not exclude full sacks of grain as many free shipping offers do. This is a huge savings when you’re talking 50 or 55 lbs.

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