Kegland DuoTight Ball Lock Disconnects w/Flow Control available via eBay

KL21418 Ball Lock Disconnect Corny Keg Connector Liquid Pushfit 8mm

Kegland’s DuoTight Fittings are designed to work with EVABarrier Double Wall Tubing.  They offer quick, reliable connections, easy implementation, a variety of fitting options and feature amazing versatility.  They’re also, generally speaking, very well priced.  DuoTights are push to connect fittings and require no tubing clamps.

DuoTights are… awesome.  Check out my extensive Hands on Review

When DuoTights first came out, the solution for connecting kegs to EVABarrier was using an MFL QD + DuoTight Flare fitting. That worked just fine and is still the only option available to pin lock keg users.

A while back native DuoTight Ball Lock QDs were introduced. Those are outstanding. Check out My Review

I’m excited to announce another Kegland innovation.  DuoTight Ball Lock QDs + Flow Control!

These will allow DuoTight and EVABarrier users to easily dial in resistance without long lengths of tubing.

As of this posting, I’m only seeing these available for international sellers on eBay. Hoping they will make it stateside in the near future.

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DuoTight Ball Lock QDs!

duotight ball lock quick disconnect review

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