TWO x Ball Lock Keg QD Jumper Posts

Double Ended Ball Lock Jumper

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  • Easily clean multiple tap ball lock kegerators or keezers with our ball lock jumper post.
  • Jumper between all your beer lines and without removing your ball lock disconnects to clean all your lines and disconnects at once without needing to take anything apart!
  • We suggestt it works with liquid disconnects only. It also works for connecting to gas fro very short terms uses, but don't trust it for long term usage.
  • It can also be used for your beer tube connection for a long time if your tube is not long enough.
  • Please note it is a single piece that cannot be undone from the middle.


Use for cleaning & more.

Also Consider: Stainless Steel Ball Lock Jumper – via Valuebrew

It’s important to note… this is recommended for use with liquid posts. Valuebrew’s JumperHands on Review – works with liquid AND gas. It also features SS304+Food Grade Stainless Construction. Related Post; Cleaning Multiple Kegerator Lines at the Same Time

2PCS homebrew beer Ball Lock corny Keg Liquid and gas Jumper Post Double Ended Corny Post Stainless Steel 304 Keg Quick Disconnect Jumper Post for Cleaning Beer Brewing – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

OR (works with liquid AND gas!)…

ball lock jumperStainless Steel Ball Lock Jumper with Food Grade Silicone O-Rings: Allows you to connect multiple ball lock runs to clean multiple lines and taps at the same time. Works with both liquid and gas QDs.  Stainless Steel Ball Lock Jumper – via Valuebrew – An easy add-on… food grade o-rings, featured in our Keg Rebuild Post

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