Refrigerator Freezer Thermometer with TWO Wireless Sensors – monitor kegerator & fermentation chamber temps

Refrigerator Thermometer

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  • Dual wireless sensor: JXTZ freezer thermometer, with the console and 2 wireless sensors, can be used in the freezer and act as a thermometer for indoor and outdoor use. In addition, indoor temperature and 2 groups of refrigerator/freezer appliances or outdoor temperature can be displayed simultaneously.
  • Large LCD display: The wireless thermometer, with a large LCD display, can display the temperature of the base station and a transmitter at the same time. Thermometer range: indoor (-10℃~60℃/14℉~140℉), outdoor (-40℃~60℃/-40℉~140℉). The accuracy can reach up to ± 1 °C / ± 2 °F. Transmission range is 100 m / 328 ft (open area).
  • Audio alarm reminder and max/min recording: This wireless fridge thermometer has acoustic alarm function. You can set the maximum and minimum alarm value manually. The audible alarm sounds when the temperature value reaches the preset limit for the maximum or minimum alarm value. Records Min and Max Temperature delivers historical temperatures in the last 24 hours.
  • Easy to use: There are 6 function buttons on the weather station and a signal display on the transmitter. Simply press the corresponding button to turn the alarm on/off, switch Celsius or Fahrenheit and delete the MAX/MIN data sets. The compact and user-friendly design makes it perfect for all types of refrigerators or freezers.
  • Multiple installation options: The wireless freezer thermometer is easy to install. Indoor outdoor thermometer, with built-in magnets, a hanging hole and a bracket on the back, you can attach the main unit to your fridge door, hang it on the wall or stand on the table. 2 sensors with clamps and hanging holes on the back, convenient to attach or hang on the shelf.

From HBF: Make sure the components you use are compatible and rated for your intended application.  Contact manufacturer with questions about suitability or a specific application.  Always read and follow manufacturer directions.


Thoughts from HBF… So, this has two wireless sensors along with an ambient thermometer that’s built into the main unit.  It also records minimum and maximum temps for each sensor.  You could use one sensor in your fermentation chamber and one sensor in your kegerator to monitor temperatures.  The min and max feature would also give you a great idea about how things are working.  As a bonus you also get all the same info for the ambient temp where the base is located.  Note that the sensors need to be within the stated range of this unit (or closer).

JXTZ Refrigerator Thermometer, Freezer Thermometer with Alarm, Fridge Thermometer Digital with 2 Sensors, Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer with Temperature Alarm, Min/Max, Temperature Trend Display – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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