Announcing: EPDM Beer Shank Coupling Washers at Valuebrew

Beer Shank Coupling Washer - FDA Rated EPDM

Valuebrew has introduced beer coupling washers in EPDM. These are an addition to their EPDM lineup that includes all keg o-ring options. The beer shank coupling washers can be used for beer shanks and on the liquid side of sanke keg couplers. Available in 10 and 20 packs.

Beer Shank Coupling Washer – FDA Rated EPDMComplete EPDM lineup

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More about food safe materials:

For whatever reason, it’s difficult to find food safe keg o-rings.  Maybe some of the o-rings that are available are food safe, but very few are actually labeled as such.

The fact is we’re putting beer (food) in our kegs and we should be using food safe materials whenever we can.  More Info: Food Safe Replacement Keg O-Rings

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