Gallon Glass Jar w/Stainless Steel Spigot [Kombucha, Small Fermenters, Star San Storage]

Highlighted Features
  • BEAUTIFUL GLASS DESIGN: the perfect beverage dispenser for entertaining guests and family while adding a beautiful and unique accent. Great for serving bulk amounts of lemonade, sangria, margaritas, cold tea, or water with limes or lemons.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Constructed of premium-grade glass, the dispenser will be fit for both indoor and outdoor use. The crystal-clear walls show you the view of the goodness inside, and the wide-mouth jar design adds a majestic touch to any setting.
  • WIDE MOUTH: features an extra wide top so you can easily pour in your favorite beverage without a mess. This dispenser can easily fits into most kitchen sinks so you can easily fill it up with water and clean it once you're done using it for next tim
  • Fruit & Ice Infuser: makes your drinks remain cool for hours outdoors. The Ice Cylinder can go directly into the liquid without diluting your beverages because of the fruits or tea come out0
  • STAINLESS-STEEL SPIGOT: the 18/8 stainless spigot is 100% leak-proof and drip-free. It's simple to use and provides a steady stream of liquid when tightened. A tin metal lid keeps bugs and debris out of your beverages.

Possible homebrew uses… Small batch fermenter (beer, wine, kombucha), store Star San [Related: Star San Tips, Tricks and Guidelines], use for yeast starters, ingredient storage or general storage around your homebrewery and beyond.

Gonioa 1 Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser with Stainless Steel Spigot & Lid, Decorative Jar for Drinks, Lemonade Sangria Tea Cold Drink Dispenser for Home, Parties, Weddings & More – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

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