Flash Sale… 25% Off BYO Online Homebrewing Boot Camps – Includes Next Week’s Advanced Homebrew Lab Skills Class!

advanced homebrew lab skillsFor a short time BYO is discounting everything sitewide by a whopping 25% when you use coupon code BigBrew22. Includes Online Boot Camps, books, subscriptions, digital downloads and more.

Note that if you cannot attend an online boot camp live, registering will give you access to the recorded boot camp.

This includes next week’s Advanced Homebrew Lab Skills Boot Camp

Take your homebrewing up to another level by understanding why and how to use advanced lab skills suitable for your homebrewery. Professional brewery lab owner Amy Todd will walk you through how to make agar plates and slants and then how to use those to collect wild yeast, harvesting yeast from other samples, and isolating yeast strains. You’ll also learn how to wash yeast for future pitching, counting yeast cells to determine viability, and how to determine you are pitching the right amount into your wort. Amy will also run through various controlled tests you can do at home on your homebrew such as forced fermentation and others to give you more information on your batch. She’ll cover the care and use of pH meters, a basic microscope suitable for a home brewery, and other lab equipment you can add cost-effectively to your homebrewery to help you make better beer.

Please note this workshop will be recorded and as an attendee you will have full access to the video replay and course materials for up to nine months after the event.

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