Mounting Board for DuoTight Inline Regulators – on sale from… $10.50 via William’s Brewing Spring Sale

Mounting Boards at William’s Brewing. Thank you to /u/skaht on reddit for this photo

Gas Board for Duotight In-Line Regulators via William’s Brewing

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This sturdy food grade polypropylene board features drilled holes for up to 4 Duotight Regulators (item C11). Drilled mounting holes are also included so that once you mount the regulators and DuoTight fittings/tubing to the board, you can also install the board in a convenient location. Also included are cutout boxes so you can line up 4 labels above the regulators.

Note that pictured regulators, screws, Duotight fittings, labels, and EvaBarrier tubing are not included. This is just a base board. 12″ wide, 10.25″ tall, and 3/8″ thick.


This allows you to easily mount multiple Duotight In-Line Regulators.  Those regulators allow you to easily (and cheaply) set individual pressures and carbonation levels.

The DuoTight lineup is awesome… Hands on Review: DuoTight Fittings & EVABarrier Tubing!

Polypropylene Gas Board for 4 Inline Regulators

Polypropylene Gas Board for 6 Inline Regulators

Clearance Sale at William’s Brewing!

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