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WilliamsWarn BrewBottler Counter Pressure Bottle Filler KEG921

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The next generation WilliamsWarn BrewBottler. This counter-pressure bottle filler allows you to bottle from a ball lock homebrew keg without losing any carbonation. The BrewBottler can accommodate bottles up to approximately 330 mm (13″) in height and 150 mm (5.9″) in diameter. This allows a variety of bottle types to be used, including bottle sizes up to 3L (101 oz.).

Once the gas and beverage hoses are connected via the simple push-lock fittings on top of the valve, you just open the gas side for a few seconds to pressurize the bottle and purge air, close that and then open the beverage side to allow beverage to enter. With back-pressure in place, the beverage fills without foaming issues or carbonation loss. Pressure release and therefore fill flow rate are controlled by how open the variable pressure valve is set.

A 500ml bottle (1 US pint) can be filled in 40 seconds and a full 5-gallon keg can be bottled in roughly 30 minutes. Since your beer was already carbonated before you bottled it, your bottled beer is ready to consume immediately! And thanks to the purging process, your beer will be exposed to less oxygen and will maintain its original flavor profile for longer. Keep some bottles on hand, send them to your next competition, or take them to a party to impress your buddies.


MoreBeer has this for $159.99. If you’re familiar with WilliamsWarn you’ll recognize that this is very well priced for anything with their name on it.

WilliamsWarn BrewBottler Counter Pressure Bottle Filler KEG921


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