Troubleshooting DuoTight Fitting and EVABarrier Tubing Leaks

Leaks? Troubleshooting EVABarrier/DuoTight Leaks

I’ve done several pressure tests with DuoTight Fittings and EVABarrier Tubing. Each test has proven the tested components were leak free. Having said that, it’s entirely possible that you’ll have a leak. This happens with any tubing system, that’s why we… check for leaks. Some tips…

  • Check for leaks as you would if you were using standard tubing. DuoTights and EVABarrier are amazing… but not magic. They need to be installed correctly and securely throughout your system. Liquid liquids are easy to spot. Gas leaks are a little more difficult.
  • I highly suggest picking up a DuoTight Pressure Gauge. You can easily add this to your setup and use this technique for checking for gas leaks.
  • If you have a section of EVABarrier tubing that’s marred or damaged, cut off a couple inches to get a fresh end.
  • Make sure you’re pushing the EVABarrier Tubing completely in to your DuoTight Fitting.
  • Make sure you’re pulling your EVABarrier Tubing out firmly to engage the sealing mechanism.
  • DuoTight Compatible Locking ClipsI recommend using these on all DuoTight connections. They snap into place pushing the collar out, securely engaging the fitting. They also help prevent bumps and moves from disengaging the connection.
  • If you have a particular fitting that won’t seal… contact the seller or manufacturer to get a replacement. A leaking DuoTight fitting is not normal and I’m guessing your retailer will take care of you. Out of the dozens of fittings I have I’ve had 1 that was non-functional on receipt.

DuoTight Compatible Locking Clips

DuoTight Compatible Locking Clips

Valuebrew’s DuoTight Compatible Locking Clips are a great addition to any DuoTight setup.  These snap into the collar of DuoTight Fittings and lock connections in place. This makes the connection more secure and reduces the chances of leakage.

These are available in both 8mm and 9.5mm sizes

This write-up is part of my in Depth DuoTight Review – Jump To This Section

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2 thoughts on “Troubleshooting DuoTight Fitting and EVABarrier Tubing Leaks

  1. Richard

    I had 2 different Duo Tight Tee’s come completely apart on one end and lost a cylinder of gas each time. I complained to the seller and Kegland with no result. Not even an offer to replace the 8mm tee’s.

    1. admin Post author

      Hmmm, that’s a new one for me, never experienced anything like that. My suggestion would be to reach out to the shop where you purchased the tees. No one is going to replace the gas, but, if this was a manufacturing defect then I would expect that they would replace the tees.


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