Sous Vide Weighted Magnets to Weigh Down Hop Sacks

Weighted food grade magnets

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  • FOOD GRADE SILICONE & STAINLESS STEEL – Premium materials ensures that weights can be used both outside and inside of the sous vide bags. While we recommend using weights outside of food bags for optimal results, weights can be added and used as a regular weight inside the bags with no impact on food tastes. Works with any container and device including Anova, Joule and other circulators.
  • 2 PCS PREMIUM MAGNET WEIGHTS – Can be used OUTSIDE of the food bag so that the weights never directly touches the food. Superior to other sous vide weights as you’ll never have to worry about the weights interacting with food tastes, seasonings juices or cooking quality. Requires little to NO cleaning when used outside of food bags.
  • REDUCE FOOD RISKS & IMPROVE COOKING EFFICIENCY – Weights are designed to keep food bags from floating and completely immersed. This is essential for slow cooking and greatly reduces the chances or undercooked food. A pair of sous vide weighted magnets will keep bags fully submerged regardless if you are cooking meats, eggs, fish or veggies.
  • HEAVY SLIM CORE – Each pair weighs 5.6 OZ and is enough to weigh down almost all sous vide cooking bags. Unlike standard small magnets and weights that may move and float during cooking, this unique magnetic dense core will weigh down food bags and keep them in place. Designed specifically for sous vide purposes, this is a great alternative to clips and racks. Slim design promotes consistent water flow, circulation and heating inside the sous vide container and guarantees better cooking results.
  • EASY TO USE & LIFETIME WARRANTY – Compatible with all rubbermaid containers and sous vide machines. Weighted Magnets are sold as a pair so that you can quickly weigh down your food bags in multiple positions for optimal water flow and best cooking results. The sous vide accessory you didn't know you needed for your chefsteps anova and joule sous vide. Protected against defects by KORE Lifetime product warranty.


These are generally intended for use in sous vide cooking. However, they look like they would work well to weigh down hop sacks. They features food grade silicone and stainless steel.

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