Reader Tip: 55 lb Sack of Rahr North star PIls – $63.99 + free shipping

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North Star Pils™ - Rahr Malting

North Star Pils™ – Rahr Malting from MoreBeer:

1.5-1.9L Rahr – A base malt to set your compass by! Rahr North Star Pils™ is crafted to meet the requirements of brewers looking for a domestic pilsner malt with low color and low modification. It is malted to a target of 38-40° Kolbach to facilitate smooth lautering with any mash regimen. North Star Pils™ brings overtones of honey and sweet bread with supporting flavor and aroma notes of hay and nutty character. Suitable for any beer style, but particularly craft brewed versions of classic lager styles.

  • As of this posting, MoreBeer has this for $63.99.
  • It also currently qualifies for free shipping to addresses in the contiguous US.

Rahr North Star Pils™ (55 lb Sack) GS313

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