Closeout… Intertap OR Nukatap Ball Lock Keg Faucet Assembly – at William’s Brewing

Intertap (and NukaTap) forward sealing faucets have a unique modular, threaded spout design which can fit a variety of different attachments including a growler filler, stout spout and ball lock post.

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What About Flow Control Models?

First, why flow control?  What Does a Flow Control Faucet Do?

Flow Control variations of Intertap and NukaTap faucets were both available at some point in the past. It seems they are largely (maybe completely) unavailable now.

Closeout Deal

As of this posting William’s Brewing is closing out ball lock flow control assemblies. This gets you a flow control faucet – along with the stuff to hook it up to a ball lock keg for portable serving.

Note: You’ll get a Nukatap OR an Intertap Flow Control faucet at William’s Brewing’s discretion. If you get an Intertap Flow Control… In my opinion, you’ll be getting one of the last available new units. That’s a guess.

Flow Control Keg Faucet

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