Announcing: 18 Gallon Anvil Foundry All In One Brewing System!

18 gallon Anvil Foundry All-in-One Brewing System

Anvil has released and 18 gallon size of their very popular Foundry Brewing All In On Brewing System. Check out our Hands on Review of the smaller size to learn more.

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Blazing fast heating times with the 4000W heating element and linear digital power control allows you to dial in the perfect heat rate for your recipe. Cleaning is a breeze with the NEW removable false bottom. Less time for cleanup means more time for BEER!

240V Operation 6-20P plug 4000W 17A for Faster Heating & Better Boils.
Cleaning is a breeze with the Patented Removable False bottom.
Grain Capacity – 36 Pounds
Double Wall Insulation Maintains Mash Temps and Increases Heating Speeds.
Linear Digital Power Control and Solid-State Switching for Fine-Tuning your Boil.
Turbo 500 Distillation Ready.
Includes High Capacity Stainless Immersion Chiller with Hoses & Fittings.
Optional external recirculation pump is easy to clean and can be used for other pumping needs.
Three Foundry Sizes Available: 18 Gallon for 10 gallon batches, 10.5 Gallon for 5 Gallon Batches and 6.5 Gallon for 2.5-3 Gallon Batches.


  • As of this posting AIH has these on pre-order for $699.
  • Like all Anvil Equipment, these are on MAP (minimum advertised price) agreements that don’t allow retailers to discount.
  • Bonus, 5% Back: Get the equivalent to about 5% back on nearly everything via AIH’s Rewards Program – note that you need to log in to earn rewards. Double check to make sure the product page reads “xx” points will be rewarded when you buy this item.
  • For your reference, 699 points = about $34.95 back in value toward a future purchase. Those points would be immediately redeemable for a $20 gift card.

18 gallon Anvil Foundry All-in-One Brewing System

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