Trick Your System Out w/Kegland Stainless Steel, Flow Control Ball Lock Quick Disconnects… Save up to $50

KegLand Stainless Flow Control Ball LockKegLand Stainless Flow Control Ball Lock Threaded via William’s Brewing

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From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Now improved for 2021:

• 20% more adjustment knob range allows for finer flow control

• New softer spring for the poppet allows for both easier connection to a keg and easier knob adjustment

• New softer spring for the securing ring also eases installation and removal

• New markings on adjustment knob make it easy to know if you are increasing or decreasing flow

This all stainless fitting features a ball lock beer side connection, a ¼” male flare threaded outlet, and adjustable flow control. Perfect for making keg mounted faucets where you do not have 4′ of 3/16″ interior diameter tubing to reduce foaming. Adjust the flow when it leaves the keg!

If you want to make a ball lock keg faucet, you will need to purchase this connector, plus our items I26 Faucet Adapter, X85 Nukatap Faucet, D87 Concave Washer, and a tap handle of your choice. This disconnect is 3″ tall.

Note: Due to variances in machining, these vary a bit as far as how much flow they constrict at a given turn of the knob. So if you have more than one, one may require a different amount of knob turning to achieve the same flow constricting result. Also, these have a bit more restriction than normal wide open ball lock disconnects even when they are fully open, something to keep in mind.


  • V1 was announced back in 2019 and ended up disappearing from shelves at some point.
  • Kegland and William’s Brewing have announced a new and improved v2!

KegLand Stainless Flow Control Ball Lock

AND… Up to $50 Off…

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Up to $50 off at William’s Brewing!

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What Does a Flow Control Faucet Do?


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