Discounted Gift Certificates, De Facto Discount on Everything – Blichmann, Anvil, Spike, Wort Hog & More

high gravity black friday

Discounted Gift Certificates: As of this posting, High Gravity Homebrew is giving bonus gift certificates based on how large of a gift certificate you purchase.

$67.50 gets you a $75 Gift Certificate
$90 gets you a $100 Gift Certificate
… etc

Since you can use gift cards on anything, this amounts to a back-door sitewide discount. This includes lines and products that typically are not discounted like Blichmann Engineering, Anvil Brewing, Spike, Wort Hog GearReview, Tilt Bluetooth HydrometerReview and more

Free Gift Certificate Bonus at High Gravity Fermentation Supplies

Check sale or product page for current availability & pricing

Note that no product is directly discounted.

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