Save on Just-Released: Torpedo Hand Held Stainless Steel Beer Faucet – Finally A Stainless Picnic Tap!

Torpedo Keg Hand Held Stainless Steel Beer Faucet D1264

Torpedo Keg Hand Held Stainless Steel Beer Faucet via MoreBeer

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Finally, a high-quality stainless steel hand held faucet for discerning beer servers on the go. For too long there have been no other options than the standard plastic picnic tap or cobra tap. Torpedo Keg decided to fill the void with a top-shelf mobile draft faucet made with stainless components. You’ll feel the quality in the smooth pouring action and love the weight of it in your hand. This is definitely not the beer tap you used in college!

1/4″ OD outlet barb will work well with 1/4″ or 3/16″ ID draft tubing.


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Torpedo Keg Hand Held Stainless Steel Beer Faucet D1264

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