Now 4 to Choose, from – Hop Bundles – from $11.47, Black Friday Sale, Live Now

Hop Bundle - C Hops (6 X 2oz)

MoreBeer is discounting a slew of gear and ingredients via their Black Friday Sale. They’ve launched a rotating selection of deals early, presumably to try and stave off supply chain related issues. These are their actual Black Friday Deals. If you see something you like, I suggest buying it while you can.

Complete selection: Black November Sale!

When I first posted about this, there was one option, or at least that’s what I saw. As of this update 4 bundle options are available. Hazy IPA, IPA/Pale Ale, C and German.

Prices Start at just $11.47.

Hop Bundles – sorts to show sale items first | Black November Sale!

Hop Bundle – C Hops (6 X 2oz) HBUNDLE2A

MORE MoreBeer Deals!…

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