Last Call, Ends Tonight: Kegland Brew Bucket! On Sale for $139.99! via William’s Brewing November Sale

KegLand Brew Bucket

KegLand Brew Bucket via William’s Brewing

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This 6.6 gallon (25 liter) Fermenter is made of 304 stainless, and features very smooth interior welds with passivated stainless like KegLand Kegs. The bottom is cone shaped to collect trub, and a plug in racking arm lets you get the clear beer out while leaving the silty trub behind. The racking arm is connected to a valve with a 3/8″ hose barb, so you can use standard tubing like our item E04 to transfer your beer. Gallon markers from 4-6 gallons are etched on the interior wall.

A thermowell is built into the front, and includes a centigrade only digital thermometer that runs on included button batteries. The thermometer can be removed and various other thermometers or temperature probes (like the one on the KegLand Dual Controller) can be inserted. 13″ wide, 25″ tall with airlock installed.

A sealed lid with airlock is provided, although this unit cannot be used for pressurized ferments.


KegLand Brew Bucket

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