Dual Stage Digital Temp Controller w/Waterproof NTC Probe

Digital Temperature Controller

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  • Temperature measuring range:-50 to 110℃ (-58 to 230 ℉); Resolution: 0.1℃ at -9.9 to99.9, and 1℃ at other temperature intervals;refresh rate: 0.5 s
  • Opening size: 45mm*25mm/1.76″*1 “;Dual color LED display:Temperature controller monitoring instrument, show the measured temperature (red) and set temperature (blue) at the same time.which can be applied for cooling/ heating mode, you can test indoor or outdoor temperature
  • NTC 10K Which is waterproof, moisture-proof and anti-rust. Available for remote temperate measuring and controlling. It can control heating or cooling according to different needs
  • The electronic temperature control switch module has been tested for consistency and reliability, and its control accuracy is ±0.1 degrees Celsius with 0-110℃ high temperature protection
  • The thermostat can be widely applied in intelligent home and industrial equipment, fish tank water temperature control, incubation field, equipment cabinet, air conditioning system, temperature control protection, control cabinet cooling system and other DIY temperature control systems.


Dual stage temp controller, includes waterproof probe. Note that this is an unwired controller and will require some work and additional components to implement in your project. If you’re looking for a pre-wired temp controller, consider – ITC-308 – [Review].

Twidec/DC 12V Temperature Controller Programmable -50 to 110 ℃ (-58 to 230 °F) Red/Blue LED Display Monitor Heating/Cooling Thermostat Control Module with NTC 10K Waterproof Sensor Probe – note that multiple variations of this product may be available, as such a different version may appear at this link

Inkbird ITC-308 – Dual Stage Digital Temperature Controller | Review | Inkbird Deals

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