Commentary…. Spike Brewing’s Cyber Monday Sale

Spike Brewing’s annual Cyber Monday Sale is coming up on… Cyber Monday.  This year it’s a good/modest 15% discount on CF5, CF10, CF15 and CF30 conical fermenters.

Because the Spike lineup is generally under a MAP agreement it’s likely that the deal will only be available direct. Spike’s sale is notorious for selling out quickly.  When I say quickly I mean… within minutes.

They also have a tendency to tease the sale for several days leading up to Cyber Monday. The potential pitfall here is letting other deals expire or sell out with because you’re waiting to for Spike’s sale. If this year is like the last couple… statistically speaking you’re probably not going to get in on it.

My suggestion is to look at deals that are actually available and make your purchase while you can….

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