Keg King 2.5 Gallon Neoprene Keg Parka – $9.99 + free ship eligible

 Corny Keg Parka - 2.5 gal. KEG438Keg King 2.5 Gallon Sized Neoprene Insulating Keg Parka.  Keeps keg cold. Place ice packs under parka

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Keep your keg cool on the go with these durable neoprene keg parkas. Perfect for bringing a keg of your homebrew to parties! The insulated jacket keeps the keg cold and if you throw a couple of ice packs in between the jacket and the keg you can keep it cool even longer.

Fits most 2.5-gallon homebrew kegs.

Corny Keg Parka – 2.5 gal. KEG438

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