Introducing: “Fast Prime” from Northern Brewer

From Northern Brewer: “WHY SPEND TIME MEASURING SUGAR, adding it to water, boiling it, and then cooling it before adding it to your beer, when you could just pop and pour a can of Fast Prime? Our ready-to-use priming sugar solution will save you time and frustration on bottling day and just one can will help you reach the perfect level of carbonation for 5 gallons of beer (to 2.5 volumes of CO2). Just like our tried and true Fast Pitch, Fast Prime is a can of time-saving solution made for all levels of homebrewers.”

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Commentary: I’m all about saving time and making brew day easier. In fact, I have an entire post on the subject of making brew day quicker and easier. But, priming sugar for a 5 gallon batch of beer costs pennies and takes a few minutes to make.  Fast Prime is $5 per can, plus, potentially, shipping. I suppose it’s nice to have the option if money is no concern at all.

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