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X-Dry Tri-Clover Chugger Pump - Inline Inlet

X-Dry Tri-Clover Chugger Pump – Inline Inlet via Adventures in Homebrewing

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CHUGGER X-DRY Tri-Clover with “Run-Dry Protection” – Inline Inlet

Chugger TRI-CLOVER (X-Dry Series), SS CENTER INLET Brew Pump with Molded (Not Welded) 1-1/2″ Tri-clamp Fittings. Standard 115V Motor. 1/20 HP. 316 SS Housings. Standard X-Dry Impeller with Non-Replaceable – M100 Bearing, Ceramic Washers, Silicon O-Ring, 55″ Cord with Plug.

1-1/2″ Molded Tri-Clamp Connections

Tri-Clover fittings are the perfect way to bring sanitary connections, found in commercial brewing applications, to your home brew setup. Wineries and breweries use tri-clamps to provide a sanitary connection between tubing and pipes.

Same pump as the CPSS-CI-1 but with FDA approved run-dry carbon bearing material.

Run-dry carbon bearing
Max Flow: 7 GPM 26.5 LPM
Max Head: 18.6 FT 4.1 M
Power: 1/20 HP (.04 HP) .029 KW
Electrical: 115V 50/60HZ
Pump & motor: 1.4 Amps
Can handle liquids of 250° F
Materials are FDA food compliant
UPC: 852575006617
Components are UL recognized


I use my homebrew pump for vorlaufing/recirculating, transferring from my mash tun to brew kettle, chilling with a recirculating wort chiller and transferring to my fermenter.  You could also use a brewing pump to recirculate ice water for your wort chiller.  Pumps are a necessity if you want to use a plate chiller.  You really need one to properly clean and sanitize your plate chiller.

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X-Dry Tri-Clover Chugger Pump – Inline Inlet


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