Corny Keg Ball Lock Jumper Line from MoreBeer – $14.99

Corny Keg Ball Lock Jumper Line KEG575

Corny Keg Ball Lock Jumper Line via MoreBeer

From the product description, check product page for current description, price and availability:

Connect two ball lock homebrewing kegs together via their ball lock our fittings. Handing for moving sanitizer or beer from one keg to the next. We often use this fitting when we have a big party where we dixie chain kegs together. For example if you made 10 gallons of pale ale you can use this jumper to connect the two kegs so that all 10 gallons can pour at once.

Corny Keg Ball Lock Jumper Line KEG575

Also Consider…

Stainless steel ball lock jumper from Valuebrew. This works with both gas and liquid QDs. That means you can jump from keg line to keg line for cleaning and also hook up to the liquid side of your keg to purge with CO2 from the top to the bottom.

These also feature Valuebrew’s Food Grade Silicone Post O-Rings. Blue are pictured, but color can vary.

Stainless Steel Ball Lock Jumper

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