DuoTight Compatible Picnic Faucets – $5.99 + In Depth DuoTight Hands on Review

Duotight Compatible Plastic Beer Faucet D1263

Duotight Compatible Picnic/Cobra Faucet via MoreBeer

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The standard plastic handheld faucet modified for use with Duotight fittings and EVABarrier draft tubing. The 6.5mm end piece can be paired with the 8mm x 6.5mm Duotight reducer to use with 8mm OD EVABarrier tubing.

Commonly called a “cobra tap” or “picnic faucet”.

Duotight fitting sold separately.


Note: You need to add on this fitting to make this a complete assembly.

Duotight Compatible Plastic Beer Faucet D1263

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