Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter All Grain Clone Kits – Save 15% via IPA Day Sale + Hands on Review

Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter Homebrew Clone via MoreBeer

More About This Beer!

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Hop Hunter IPA by Sierra Nevada brewing is the inspiration for this delicious recipe. Hop Gatherer is a Hop Hunter clone, which contains all of the same ingredients as the original beer, but gives you the option of what distilled oil you would like to use. We offer the kit with either Chinook or El Dorado farm distilled hop oil. Either way, this makes a tasty, easy drinking and highly aromatic IPA!

A bit about farm distilled hop oil: Distilled immediatley after picking, farm distilled hop oil gives you the bursting aroma provided by fresh hops. By distilling the oil at the farm, the distinct character of a “wet hop” beer is able to be replicated year round. The oil can be added post fermentation, typically at bottling. You can even add the oil directly to your glass! Be careful, it is VERY POTENT!


MoreBeer’s Hop Gatherer is their clone of Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter. It’s available in all grain and extract recipes.

Why it’s awesome… Review: MoreBeer’s Hop Gatherer – Sierra Nevada Hop Hunter IPA Clone

Hop Hunter Clone Kits at MoreBeer

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Update: When MoreBeer originally launched this sale many options were out of stock. As of this posting, that’s been fixed.

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