NukaTap Shanks – Intertap Self Closing Spring Compatible + Works with All Faucets – $7.99

Nukatap Stainless Flow Control Faucet via William’s Brewing

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This stainless shank includes a stainless 3/16″ hose barb exit, and fits all standard 3″ diameter beer towers. Features a spring hole to hold the optional Intertap Faucet Spring, a stainless spring that works only with Nukatap/Intertap Shanks and Nukatap or Intertap Faucets to add a self closing function.

The shank itself fits all beer faucets, but the self closing function is only possible with Intertap Faucets and the Nukatap Faucet Spring. This does not fit Duotight fittings, it has a hose barb for 3/16″ or 1/4″ beer tubing.


Nukatap brand shanks. These have a special hole to hold the optional Intertap faucet spring that works with only Nukatap and Intertap faucets. In addition, the shank itself works with all standard faucets.


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Nukatap Shanks

Also available in a DuoTight Compatible VersionHands on DuoTight!

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