Easy Hard Seltzer! Using Hard Liquor, w/Dilution Calculator

Hard seltzers are easy drinking and easy to make. They’re typically light in flavor and body and easy to drink. They generally consist of carbonated water + alcohol + flavoring. The alcohol part is what we’re dealing with in this article. The alcohol can come from fermented sugars like simple sugars and malt, or…. still spirits.

Make Your Own Hard Seltzer… The Easy Way

If you’re looking for a super quick and easy hard seltzer you can dilute still spirits like vodka by adding water and flavorings of your choice. Carbonate and you’re… done.  This is a great way to make a quick batch of homemade hard seltzer and also a great way to dial in flavors.

Dilution Calculator

This spreadsheet has two sections

The top-most section allows you to calculate amount of still spirits needed to produce a certain volume of seltzer at a certain ABV. This is the most flexible calculator.The bottom-most section allows you to calculates how much seltzer of a certain ABV can be made from a certain amount of still spirts. Basically… I’ve got x size bottle of liquor, I’d like to use it all to make a hard seltzer with a certain ABV.

Easy Hard Seltzer Calculations Excel Spreadsheet

As of this posting this is rev 2 of this spreadsheet, please double check my math and submit a tip if you find an error or have any other suggestions

Commercial Examples

Note that there are commercial examples that use the hard liquor approach to make hard seltzer. High Noon Seltzer is one example. They use vodka for many of their seltzers

What About Carbonating?

If you’re already a homebrewer that kegs your beer, you have what you need.

If not head on over to Adventures in Homebrewing and grab a kegging setup. Complete Lineup of Ball Lock Kegging Systems

Another option is to use a carbonation cap and 2 liter bottle. These thread on to compatible 2 liter bottles.  Search Amazon for “carbonation cap” to shop around. Note that you’ll also need a compatible mini regulator and CO2 cartridges, or another suitable CO2 source.

Hard Seltzer Kits!

morebeer wild water hard seltzer

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Make sure the components you use are compatible and rated for your intended application.  Contact manufacturer with questions about suitability or a specific application.  Always read and follow manufacturer directions. toppost:easyseltzer rs:6 tag:tpr

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