Announcing: Hang’em High Hops at Keg Connection!

hang'em high hopsFrom Keg Connection:

We are proud to carry Hang’em High Hops on our site now and we even did a thorough taste testing with these new hops using a pale ale recipe as our base, magnum hops for bittering, and then the new hops in each batch for flavor/aroma. Check out the video below to see what we thought about these fantastic new hops!

  • Choose from Mackinac, Gemini, Hydra, Bergamot, Michigan Copper, Paradigm and Emerald Spire.
  • Shipping is a flat fee no matter how much you order to addressed in the contiguous US.

Hops at Keg Connection

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Flat Rate Shipping

  • Shipping is a flat fee no matter how much you buy site-wide to addresses in the contiguous US.
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