Omega Yeast OYL-004 West Coast Ale I – $6.99 + Free Ship Eligible + 20% Off American Beers

oyl 004

Omega Yeast 004 West Coast Ale I via Adventures in Homebrewing

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Species: Ale
Fermentation Temp Range (Degrees F): 60-73 Degrees F
Apparent Attenuation Range (%): 73-80%
Flocculation: Medium-Low
Alcohol Tolerance: 0.11
Cell Count: 150 Billion

Pitching/Fermentation: “Chico” is a reliable, versatile and popular neutral foundation for displays of malts and hops. Highly attenuative and moderately flocculating, it ferments crisp and clean with light citrus notes under 66 Degrees F (19 Degrees C). Also try DIPA (OYL-052) or British I (OYL-006) to highlight hops more, or West Coast Ale II (OYL-009) and Scottish Ale (OYL-015) for malt displays.


Omega Yeast 004 West Coast Ale I + Complete Lineup Omega Yeast Labs Yeast

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