Hard Seltzer Recipe Kit Variety Pack, 3 x 5 Gallon Kits – $49.98… $16.63 each

Talon Hard Seltzer Recipe Kit Variety Pack

Seltzer Variety Pack via Midwest Supplies.  Includes Ruby Grapefruit, Lim and Mango.

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Can you really call hard seltzer a trend when it’s clearly not going anywhere? If you’re new to making your own and can’t decide which flavor to make, our Talon Hard Seltzer Variety Pack features our top 3 White Claw / Truly clone flavors, so you can really go all out as a people pleaser. With sweet Mango or citrusy Lime and Ruby Grapefruit, you’ll definitely find a flavor you (and everyone else you share them with) will love. They’re bubbly, light in body, and perfect to keep bottled or kegged for get-togethers.

Ruby Grapefruit Hard Seltzer
Ruby Grapefruit Hard Seltzer is a bewitchingly balanced blend of intriguing ingredients, rebellious ruby red grapefruit, and enchanting effervescence. A crisp and bubbly libation with brilliant citrus flavors and a slightly tart taste, this hard seltzer is perfectly suited for year-round enjoyment. Take it anywhere and proudly share with old friends, and maybe even use it to make a few new ones.

Lime Hard Seltzer
While it may not whisk you off to tropical climates, this lime seltzer is a delicious beverage. Light in body with sparkling carbonation, this fermented delight is sure to please. Pure dextrose, water, and an aggressive yeast strain all combine to produce an elixir of exquisite quality.

Mango Hard Seltzer
Time to ditch your daily smoothie and get your mango fill with our all-new Mango Hard Seltzer Kit. Enjoy this crisp and bubbly libation with a vibrant mango flavor. Sit back, crack one open, and let the waves of enjoyment envelope you!


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