The “Evill” Twin Grain and Malt Mill + 30 lbs Malt – Save $20 + Free Shipping

The Evill Twin Grain and Malt Mill MILL601

The Evill Twin Grain and Malt Mill from MoreBeer

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Don’t run away from this Evill Twin! Instead, run toward and embrace it like a long lost sibling. The Evill Twin Roller Mill is the perfect sidekick for any brewer needing to grind malted and non-malted barley, corn and other grains. Operation is smooth and easy thanks to the longer mill shaft. Unlike other manual mills, the crank on the Evill Twin connects to the shaft far enough away from the mill body that you won’t scrape your knuckles on the grain bucket with every revolution. Better yet, the mill shaft comes ready to hook up to an electric power drill with no extra parts needed. Run your drill at 500 RPM and you’ll be able to crush up to 6 pounds per minute! The adjustable gap setting allows you to customize your grind to the size of the grain, and thanks to the stainless steel construction, you can rest assured that this mill will last as long as its malevolent disposition.


  • Easily adjustable gap setting
  • Hopper holds 10 lbs
  • Mill shaft comes ready to connect to an electric power drill
  • With the drill running at 500 RPM, crush up to 6 lbs/minute
  • Rollers and hopper screws made from stainless steel
  • Frame, hand crank and hopper made from aluminum


  • This is selling for $124.99.
  • Save $20 (or more): MoreBeer is discounting most things, sitewide by up to $45 based on your order size when you use coupon code SAVEMORE.  Some exclusions apply.
  • Add on 3 x 10 lb, your choice of the following malts…
  • And you’ll have a grain mill and 30 lbs of malt, using coupon code SAVEMORE will save you $20 and you’ll qualify for free shipping to addresses in the contiguous US.  An easy way to get to the next savings tier is to buy more grain.

The Evill Twin Grain and Malt Mill MILL601

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