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If you haven’t noticed, homebrew gear and ingredient prices have been generally on the rise.  I don’t have any hard numbers, but things have just been generally getting more expensive.

Case in point This Keg has gone up to $80. Still a solid price for what you’re getting – Review – but, $5 more expensive than it’s usual sale price.

This isn’t just true of homebrew-specific gear, it seems to be wider reaching. Second example, Infrared thermometers – a year ago, you could reliably pick one up for $10, now they are generally costing $20, sometimes more.

Demand and supply chain issues? Another example, Valuebrew has kept the same prices as far as I can tell on their very popular lineup of food safe, bulk keg o-rings, but have struggled mightily to stay in stock.  Are supply chain/availability issues causing price increases elsewhere?  I can’t say conclusively. It’s probably a bunch of factors.

I’m not the only one noticing this, we’re getting word from suppliers too.

From Keg Outlet:

We’ve received more updates this week that more of the brands that we carry are going to be increasing prices on items. Ss Brewtech will be increasing pricing on most of their products/lines and we were also just hit with a price increase on AEB Kegs. Price increases for both brands will go into effect on June 1st.

Increased materials costs, increased shipping and labor costs have caused shrinking 📉 margins and required more and more manufacturers to have to increase 📈 pricing in order to stay profitable. We love both of these brands. They both make quality products and that’s why we’re looking at now through the end of May as a sale on their equipment.

The Good News….

The Good News is… HBF is here. We (with the help of amazing tipsters like you!) will continue to find deals. We may have to look in the cracks and crevices, but… we’ve got your back.


Related to the keg price increase highlighted above… AIH still (as of this posting at least) has Quality AMCYL Brand Ball Locks on sale for $75.  MoreBeer has KOMOS® Homebrew Kegs on sale for $79.99 WITH shipping.

Keg Connection’s Pin Locks used to be an outstanding deal. Now they’re selling for $68. I’m seeing pin lock prices sky rocket all over the place, but… Used 5 Gal. Pin Lock Kegs KEG432 is selling for $44.99 and is free ship eligible.

We’ve got a curated list of keg deals that will continually highlight the best deals available.

Beyond deals, we’ll continue to feature new products, industry news, status updates on hard to find items, reviews, tips and more.  Stay connected with HBF to stay in the loop.

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