Buy AEB Kegs Now, Before Price Increases

Looking to Purchase High Quality AEB Kegs.  Now’s the time as prices are going up.

Prices are said to be going UP…

From Keg Outlet:

We’ve received more updates this week that more of the brands that we carry are going to be increasing prices on items. Ss Brewtech will be increasing pricing on most of their products/lines and we were also just hit with a price increase on AEB Kegs. Price increases for both brands will go into effect on June 1st.

Increased materials costs, increased shipping and labor costs have caused shrinking 📉 margins and required more and more manufacturers to have to increase 📈 pricing in order to stay profitable. We love both of these brands. They both make quality products and that’s why we’re looking at now through the end of May as a sale on their equipment.

AEB Kegs!

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