Weldless Brewer’s Edge Pot Thermometer – includes bulkhead…. $12.50, save 50%

Weldless Brewer's Edge® Pot Thermometer

Weldless Brewer’s Edge® Pot Thermometer via William’s Brewing

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The Brewer’s Edge Weldless Thermometer takes a precision stainless steel dial thermometer, and adds a unique sliding reference pointer. Features a 3″ dial and 3″ probe. Just set the sliding red pointer to your reference point (say 154 F for mashing) and it provides quick visual reference that you are at your target temperature. Great for mash tun and sparge water tanks, although you do not really need a thermometer if you are just making malt extract beers.

Easy to Install – Unlike Weldless Pot Thermometers with loose washers and O rings, The Brewer’s Edge Weldless Thermometer features a unique recessed silicone O ring mount, for a positive seal in any pot. You only need to drill a 7/16″ hole, the smallest (and easiest to drill hole) of any weldless pot thermometer.

Features a 60� to 220�F. range, 2� calibrations, a tempered glass lens, and a resetting screw, so you can precisely adjust the thermometer for a particular temperature range. Although heat resistant, it should not be allowed to contact open flame or come near open flame, so it must be installed far enough up on your pot to avoid being licked by burner flames.


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Weldless Brewer’s Edge® Pot Thermometer

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