Too Late For Big Brew, But Not Too Late To Help… Janet’s Brown Kits Benefit Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

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Brew Janet’s Brown For Big Brew Day!

Every year on the first Saturday in May, the AHA promotes it’s annual Big Brew for National Homebrew Day. It’s an opportunity to fire up the kettle and raise a glass to the greatest hobby there is— homebrewing! This year is no different, however one of the official big brew day recipes “Janet’s Brown” celebrates a dear friend we all lost this last year Mike “Tasty” McDole!

This now iconic recipe comes from the late homebrewing legend—and our dear friend—Mike “Tasty” McDole. Mike is one of the best homebrewers we’ve ever known, and one of our original customers way back when the entire MoreBeer! operation fit inside a storage shed. Aside from brewing many award-winning beers, Tasty helped grow homebrewing as a hobby, and as a community, here in the Bay Area and well beyond.

100% of the proceeds from this kit are donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a leading nonprofit in the fight to cure cancer.

To purchase your Janet’s Brown Kit for Big Brew Day, click here!

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