BBQ: Wiley’s Championship BBQ, Kindle Edition

Wiley's Championship BBQ

Wiley’s Championship BBQ

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Recipes for ribs, rubs, and much more from Savannah’s legendary “BBQ General.”

Wiley McCrary has spent more than thirty years preaching the gospel of the Church of the Holy Smoke. As a dedicated evangelist of the ’cue and prize-winning owner of Wiley’s Championship BBQ in Savannah, Georgia, he hopes that this photo-filled cookbook will successfully dispel the myths and mysteries behind good barbecue and teach everyone what they’re capable of doing on their own.

The techniques and recipes in this cookbook don’t favor one region over another, and cover all manner of animal—from cow, pig, and sheep to bird, fish, and shellfish—along with the best marinades, rubs, sauces, sides, drinks, and desserts to go on ’em, along with ’em, or after ’em.

Also includes info on grills, smokers, Wiley’s favorite suppliers and cookbooks, and more


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