Announcing: New Modular Immersion Chiller from Williams Brewing modular chiller

Modular Immersion Chiller from William’s Brewing

Immersion wort chillers are great in that they are easy to clean and easy to use. However, having the cooling water hoses attached all the time gets to be tiresome, as you have to deal with the chiller with long hoses full of water once you are done cooling a batch. Our new Modular Immersion Chiller solves this problem. No more lugging around a chiller, cleaning it, and storing it with the unwieldy hoses attached.

This 25′ stainless cooling coil features quick disconnect hose fittings, compatible with Melnor and other quick disconnect hose systems. Best of all, because it is easy to connect and disconnect, It can be adapted to a wide variety of purposes including connecting two in series so you can pre chill your cooling tap water in an ice bath in the warmer months before cooling your wort or still head.

For use as a pre chiller in areas with warmer tap water, hook up two units in series with the first chiller in an ice bath, and the second in your wort. Or if distilling, use one Modular Immersion Chiller to pre chill your still head water, connected between your tap water source and a still head with quick disconnect fittings like our items C74 and C75.

Fits most boiling pots, as well as the Mash & Boil, Grainfather, Brewzilla, and Robobrew. It fits ½” interior diameter tubing (not included, see our optional discounted Chiller Tubing Kit). 15½” tall to the inlets and outlets, and the coil is 7¼” wide.

This also works great as a pre chiller for a wort chiller. Just pipe this coil into your cooling water supply line and pipe your wort chiller into the exit. Then place this in a 5 gallon pail full of ice and water, and you can chill wort even in Florida or Hawaii on a hot day.

Modular Immersion Chiller at Williams Brewing

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