Used Pin Lock Kegs Lids – $11.35 – or upgrade to ball lock style lids

pin lock keg lid

Used Pin lock Keg Lid Pin Lock Keg Lids via Keg Connection

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This lid may have scratches and dings in the top we have replaced the feet and added a new o-ring. this will fit all standard kegs Ball lock or pin lock!

Since You’re a Pin Lock Keg Owner:

  • These are selling for just $11.95
  • HBF Reader Coupon!  As of this posting, coupon code HBF5OFF takes an additional 5% off nearly everything. This stacks making these $11.35.
  • Flat Rate Shipping: Keg Connection’s Flat Rate Shipping PromotionYour entire order ships for one flat rate, no matter how much you order, to addresses in the contiguous US.

Used Pin lock Keg Lid

Or, Upgrade to a Ball Lock Style Lid…

In most cases, Pin lock and ball lock cornelius style keg lids are interchangeable from a size perspective.  That means you can, generally speaking, put a pepsi/ball lock style (manual prv) lid on a coke/pin lock style (no manual prv) keg.  In my book, that’s a solid upgrade. See: What’s the Difference Between Ball Lock Kegs and Pin Lock Kegs?

Reconditioned Lid for All Standard Kegs

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